About Eleanor

Founder and Director of Backyard Shakespeare, Inc.

As founder and Director of Backyard Shakespeare, it is my joy spending summer energy alongside young people. Although my own two children have graduated from college, I still think of myself as a home school mom. My varied college experience ended with a Bachelor's degree in Technical Writing from California State Long Beach, and I had a ten year career as a tech writer. But teaching my own children taught me the most. Over the years I have taught logic and math in private school settings, a Shakespearean Sonnet Class for young people, and Senior Thesis writing classes for junior and senior high school students.


I have a family, I love my Great Pyrenees dog, and enjoy landscape gardening. I also love to cook, read, teach, and mentor. I am passionate about Shakespeare and Shakespearean theater for kids. Shakespeare in the open air is wonderful, and any backyard can hold a play. Young people love being challenged and learning what they are capable of, and Shakespeare never disappoints.